cyberdyne studio

About Cyberdyne

CYBERDYNE Inc. was established in June, 2004, in order to disseminate the research result of Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai, University of Tsukuba, for the benefit of public. CYBERDYNE Inc., not only materializing technology for practical use, but also builds up strong research and development system in order to hear authentic voices of end users and makes a further leap. Consequently, CYBERDYNE Inc. will launch creative products.

HAL® Therapy is the medical service with Robot Suit HAL® to provide medical treatments for functional improvement of patients with cerebral, nervous and muscle disorders including spinal cord injury and cerebral embolism.

The HAL Robot Suit is a Hybrid Assistive Limb which works on the basis of the wearer’s thoughts. With the help of a sensor, it taps the bioelectric potential signal or the signal which leaks into the body surface when a signal is transmitted from the brain to the muscles through the nerves. Thereby making it different from the other suits which work when buttons are pressed on a control system.

Video from BBC Click