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OptoMotion is a Malaysian cross-industry SME partner when it comes to the digitization of business processes and providing specific training programs.

Opto Motion Sdn. Bhd.

OptoMotion is a Malaysian cross-industry SME partner when it comes to the digitization of business processes and specific providing training programs. From the technology consulting to the technical implementation, you can rest assured that you always have the same contact person. Our clients value our business ethics and pragmatic solutions.

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Enabling Technologies with a VISION and CHANGE

Unlike other consulting firms, Opto Motion Sdn. Bhd. wants to be more than just a consulting advisor, and we want to be a trusted partner for our organisation. Partnerships are successful when they work together, leveraging the best in each other to achieve collective and individual goals that far exceed project expectations.

Identify relevant technology

Which technologies are playing a role for your organisation now and in the future? A scanning project gives you an overview. We support you in defining and structuring your question by first identifying your need for information. Subsequently, we develop a structured techonology road map

OptoMotion offers technology consulting, product and component service with 100% people on ground to support. Our solutions are with Technology Transfer, Transparency as well as in knowledge and Innovation Transfer. We have taken projects seriously with responsibility and set standards in our delivery.

Adopt the right

Opto Motion Sdn Bhd is an international, Malaysian-owned professional consulting organisation committed to guiding our clients towards the successful application of technology and management. As a client-centric organization, Opto Motion operates as your member team, ensuring that your needs and expectations are fulfilled and that your problems are solved.

Go details for impacts

Get specific information about a particular technology     Find applications for specific technologies for human impacts and experiences.

Wether healthcare or manufacturing, we carry out a detailed search for you and present you with individual applications tailored to your company. Together with you we define the relevant technologies and markets as search and action areas. With a structured search, we determine detailed information. These experts analyze and evaluate our experts with regard to your questions and provide you with the results exclusively.